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Best Baby Diapers in India 2021

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Baby Diapers in India 2021

Best Baby Diaper in India 2021

Being a parent especially a mother nothing is more important than the comfort of your little baby.

The parent wants to know about best diapers in India 2021 especially to provide pleasant day and night for their little chaps.

Choosing the best diaper for your baby is an important step in ensuring his or her comfort not only during the day but also at night.

Typically, babies spend a significant portion of their day in diapers. As a result, the diaper must protect their soft and fragile skin.

You will read here about top 5 best baby diapers in India 2021.

Here are the list of best diaper in India

 Complete Buying Guide for Best Baby Diaper in India

The diapers must be able to absorb moisture adequately in order to avoid making your infant uncomfortable and causing rashes as a result of the wetness.

The elastic waistband should be soft because a hard elastic waistband should not cause any discomfort to your baby. Today, we will look at some of the best diapers on the market for your baby.

Wetness indicator

These are premium diapers with cotton-like soft materials that are best for your baby’s delicate skin. They contain lotion with aloe vera and 3 air channels which help your baby’s skin breathe.

Your child will experience 5-star comfort with unique added features like wetness indicator which turns yellow to blue that indicates when you should change and disposal tape.

It helps you in the easy disposal of the diaper. They are available in six sizes. For a hassle-free experience get these diapers which are the best out there..

Non woven material

These diapers keep your baby comfortable day and night. Their soft material is very tender on your baby's bottom portion, keeping their gentle skin safe and perfect.

This diaper is suitable for babies weighing between 9 and 14 kg. The diaper is made of non-woven material which provides a more comfortable feeling.

Lockable side cuffs ensure the diaper is waterproof. The diaper core absorption pad is large, ensuring that the baby stays completely dry.

It also has the capacity to hold up to 7 glasses of liquid. It is an excellent choice for keeping your baby completely dry.

Your child will experience 5-star comfort with unique added features like a wetness indicator that turns yellow to blue.

It indicates when you may change and dispose of tape which helps you in easy disposal of the diaper. For a hassle-free experience get these diapers which are the best out there.

They are mainly available in five sizes.

Air fresh material

These diapers come with features like moisture indicators, an extra thin core designed to provide superior absorption and keep your little angel's skin dry all day.

It is made of super soft material and a 360-degree soft elastic band to keep your little one's delicate skin away from diaper rash.

Advanced double leak protection has made them the most popular diaper pants for mothers. Fluid distribution channels help distribute fluid evenly throughout the diaper and keep the contact surface dry.

Advanced double leak protection ensures no spills, keeps baby's skin dry, and prevents breakouts. This very comfortable diaper is also offered at a very reasonable price, which makes it excellent value for money.

Triple protection

There are three areas where a diaper surrounds the baby's skin: the baby's bottom, the baby's waist, and the baby's thigh.

These diapers have unique characteristics that provide the best care and comfort in all three areas. It also comes with a padded waist belt.

As well which is so soft it helps prevent the red marks from appearing around the baby's waist. It's so soft and plush that it feels like a bed against your baby's bottom, keeping it extremely comfortable.

Plus, it absorbs moisture and distributes it evenly - keeping your little one's butt dry. These diaper pants are lined with the super-soft 3D bubble bed in the inner layer of the diaper. If you want optimal comfort for your child, this is the one.

What are the sizes of baby diapers

New parents face problem about how to chose diaper size. Commonly people want diaper size by age, so I here you can find Diaper size chart by age in India.

Diaper Size Chart

Huggies Wonder Pants

  • Size : XL
  • Brand : Huggies
  • Target Group : Unisex-Baby
  • Maximum Shelf Life : 36 Months.
  • Washable : No
  • Colour : White
Huggies Diaper XL Size

About this item

Its 3-D Bubble-Bed in the inside layer of the diaper is super fluffy and provides the baby's skin with cotton-like softness.

It ensures excellent absorption and evenly distributes wetness, resulting in exceptional dryness.

Bubble wala Huggies absorb wetness for up to 12 hours which allows the baby a dry and comfortable sleep overnight without any rashes.

It traps waste matter like runny poo to keep the surface of the diaper unbelievably dry. It comes with a Cushiony Waistband, which is so soft that it helps protect the baby’s waist against red marks.

Its super flexible waistband elastic provides the baby with a comfortable fit and adapts to the baby’s movements.

These disposable diapers come with a Triple Leak-guard, extra padding on the sides of diapers, which helps reduce leakage from the sides onto the baby’s thigh & legs.

Pampers All round Protection Pants

  • Size : All Size available
  • Brand : Pampers
  • Target Group : Unisex-Baby
  • Maximum Shelf Life : 36 Months.
  • Washable : No
  • Colour : White
diapers pampers newborn

About this item

New Pampers all round-protection pants is one of India's best diapers for 2X Protection for your baby.


It is one of the best diapers containing Lotion with Aloe Vera that prevents rashes during wearing period.

Ultra Absorbing Magic gel

With an inner layer of super-absorbent Magic Gel, it locks in water and keeps your baby dry for up to 12 hours.

Double Layer Leak Guards

Even after 12 hours of usage, it provides up to 100 percent leakage protection.

Most Suggested Pad by Doctors

Pampers Diapers are recommended by Baby care experts.

Best for baby’s skin

It is very reputed brand that was recommended for newborn to keep your baby’s delicate skin free from rashes.

MamyPoko Pants Extra Absorb Diapers

  • Size : All Size available
  • Brand : MamyPoko
  • Target Group : Unisex-Baby
  • Maximum Shelf Life : 36 Months.
  • Washable : No
  • Colour : White
MamyPoko Pant Diapers

About this item

MamyPoko Pants has a crisscross absorbent sheet that absorbs 7 glasses of urine and spreads it evenly all over the area which was made specially.

Because of its crisscross absorbent surface, the diaper does not become heavy because urine doesn't collect in one spot.

It has stretchy thigh support that avoids leaking from thigh gaps. Its permeable cotton-like fabric keeps it cool even when used for lengthy periods of time.

Green Tea Extract 

Specifically prepared wipes with Green tea extract effectively removes pollutants from the baby's delicate skin.

With Special Fragrance

Its unique quality is its special fragrance, it is a pleasant fragrance that helps your baby a sense of freshness every time.

Purified Water without Alcohol

This package is made of a special moisture-retaining film for safely cleaning the baby's bottom.

Himalaya Total Care Baby Diapers

  • Size : All Size available
  • Brand : Himalaya
  • Target Group : Unisex-Baby
  • Maximum Shelf Life : 36 Months. 
  • Washable : No
  • Colour : White
Himalaya Total Care Diapers M Size

About this item

Indian Aloe and Yashad Bhasma (Zinc Oxide) provide a natural anti-rash protection that prevent risk of diaper rash.

Your baby will be cared for and comfortable because to the soft, easy-to-fit design. Inner layer is silky soft for sensitive and gentle skin.

Breathable fabric allows for adequate air circulation, while leak-proof soft elastic borders keep the bag from leaking.

Layer of Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP): 

Absorbs numerous wetting quickly and gives optimum moisture protection. When the baby wets the diaper, the wetness indicator becomes green. Keeps baby's skin dry for a peaceful and restful night's sleep.

Why should use Himalaya Total Care Diapers

Baby's skin is delicate and sensitive. It is more prone to infection and rashes. Your baby requires utmost care. Himalaya brings to you Total care Baby Pants a one-step diaper solution for comfort, Protection, and total care

98% Doctors Recommend Himalaya Baby Care

Study conducted by Nielsen India in June-July 2020 on sample of 1064 pediatricians, Gynecologists and General Physician.

Crawling, rolling, standing, walking, running, your little angel's curiosity knows no bounds. He/she is off to explore the world around.

Babies learn best while exploring and these initial year so life lay the foundation for their growth and development. Before you think that your baby is too active, know that they're learning the best.

Diapers are your baby's best friend during this phase and selecting the right diaper ensures that your angels is comforted, protected and free to explore.

Easy Wear on the Go!

Himalaya Baby Pants comes in on easy to wear pant-style design, which makes diapering convenient for parents. It is well suited for active babies.

Just pull on and your baby's good to go! What is better is the clean-up. Pull off the old, wipe up, pull up on the new and your baby's on the move.

Happy Baby Bottoms!

Himalaya Baby Pants is enriched with Aloe Vera and Yashada Bhasma that together form an anti-rash shield. This shield reduces the activity of harmful microbes and protects the baby from painful diaper rashes.

Time to Change!

Now you don't need to keep touching or checking your baby's diaper to check if it's lime for change.

Himalaya Baby Parts has a color-changing wetness indicator that goes from yellow to green. Green means it's time to change!

Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants

  • Size : Medium (All size Available)
  • Brand : Little Angel
  • Target Group : Unisex-Baby
  • Maximum Shelf Life : 36 Months. 
  • Washable : No
  • Colour : White
Little Angel Baby Diaper Pants

About this item

Little Angel extra dry pants are specifically designed for Indian babies. With first-in-class features such as a wetness indicator.

Extra-thin core provides exceptional absorption and keeps your little angel's skin dry all day. It's made of ultra-soft air-fresh cloth and has a 360-degree soft elastic band to protect your baby's sensitive skin from diaper rashes.

It is the most popular diaper pant among Indian mothers due to its sophisticated double leak protection.

Pants cum Diapers

The Diaper Pant is made to keep your kid comfortable both during the day and at night. 360-degree soft elastics properly suit your baby's body while allowing for unfettered movement.

Super Absorbent

Fluid distribution channels ensure that fluid is distributed uniformly throughout the diaper and that the contact area remains dry. Advance double leak protection avoids spills and keeps baby's skin dry and rashes free.

Extremely Soft Feel Fabric

The diapers have a soft elastic waistband and ultra-soft cotton for optimal comfort. The soft material breathes well and keeps you cool for a long time.

Wetness Indicator

Get rid of the stress of constantly changing your baby's diapers. When your baby needs a diaper change, the yellow stripe becomes blue.

Miss & Chief Active Diaper Pants

  • Size : All Size available
  • Brand : Miss & Chief
  • Target Group : Unisex-Baby
  • Maximum Shelf Life : 36 Months. 
  • Washable : No
  • Colour : White
Miss & Chief Active Diaper Pants

About this item

The skin of a baby is sensitive and soft, like that of a feather. It requires special care. Miss & Chief Active Diaper Pants are India's only pant-style diaper with a rapid absorbent layer, ensuring a pleasant night for your baby. 

These pants are easy to put on and take good care of. This Miss & Chief Active Diaper Pants, Medium size is intended for babies weighing between 7 to 12 kg.

Maximum Comforts

Miss & Chief Active Diaper Pants are designed to provide your baby with fastest absorption and maximum comfort. Miss & Chief is the brand of choice for millions of parents.

It is because of its high-quality, non-toxic, and incredibly safe products. Flipkart is in charge of product design and quality testing for this product.

Quick Absorption Layer

The Quick Absorption Layer evenly distributes fluids and helps in rapid absorption, ensuring that your baby's diaper is light and dry at all times..

12 Hr Leakage Protection

The Criss-cross Absorbent Sheet supports active absorption and leakage prevention throughout the night. So that your child sleeps well at night and is active during the day.

Comfortable & Super Soft

The diaper's material is so soft that it feels like cotton on your baby's skin, offering a constant nice feel and reducing skin irritation.

Leakage-free Movement

The Diaper's Flow Leak Guard locks the liquid flow and allows your baby to move and play freely.

Comfortable Fit

The Diaper's Flow Leak Guard locks the liquid flow and allows your baby to move and play freely.

Supples Baby Pants Diapers

  • Size : All Size available
  • Brand : Supples
  • Target Group : Unisex-Baby
  • Maximum Shelf Life : 36 Months.
  • Washable : No
  • Colour : White
Supples Baby Pants Diapers, Small, 78 Count3500A

About this item

Supples Baby Pant Diaper is Easy to pull up and remove as well it remains up to 12 hours of absorption.

Non-woven material

This diaper is made from non-woven, soft, and breathable material that is gentle on your baby's skin and doesn't create rashes while using.

Zig-Zag channel 

Its Zig-Zag channel top layer creates a larger absorbing area and helps in uniform liquid distribution all over the pant where it should be distributed.

Hydrophilic Gel Magnets

The bottom layer is made up of hydrophilic gel magnets that absorb enormous amounts of liquid to keep your infant dry.

Triple Locking System

Triple locking enabled side cuffs, which support in leak prevention. For a dry feel, an additional blue dispersion layer is added.

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